Lullaby of Tomorrow

Lullaby of Tomorrow – Video Installation (2010-2014)
“How women explain the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to their children”

Four women, mothers from Israel and Palestine, were invited to make a film answering a simple question: “How do you explain this conflict to your child?”
Yvette, Rima, Sarah and Abeer. Each one with a different life story. As mothers, they must decide how to teach their children about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. They must choose what seeds to plant for the next generation.

“Lullaby of Tomorrow” is a collection of four letters in which the women explain their struggles and hopes. The camera, a window and stage for their voice, their face, their words.

My role in this project was to facilitate a collaborative design project and to offer my technical knowledge for the production of these 90 minutes of edited video materials. Throughout the process, I made sure to observe how and in which way women assume their role as creators and when they gave in to pressures coming from their surroundings. These observations were also collected and published separately.

Video Installation: 90 minutes, Produced by Sonja Schenkel
Co-Designed with Abeer Khalidi, Yvette Nahmia, Sarah Heymann, Rima Khalidi Camera: Sonja Schenkel, Editing: Franziska Schlienger, Sound: Anselm Caminada

Installation presented at New York University (2013), IHEID, Geneva (2014) / Berlin Parallel Crossings – Festival (2014) / Rote Fabrik, Zurich (2015)