Imaginal Cells

Imaginal Cells is a screen-play for an international feature film adapted from the Novel “The Heart of the Labyrinth” blurring the lines between imagined and manifested reality. Being invited as a researcher on shamanic practices in Bolivia and as a co-author, I created a piece of storytelling that seeks to take responsibility for whatever it tells. In collaboration with Nicole Schwab, we integrated historic events while seeking to heal them through our protagonists journey. This means that we built on real, traumatic experiences in the past, while allowing our characters to become architects of a better future.

We are currently exploring the possibilities to have our screenplay “proofread” by an indigenous community in the Amazon, trying to alter the known narratives of victimhood and hero v.s. villain.

Co-written by Sonja Schenkel and Nicole Schwab with support of Apoeiron, Berlin.