3_Curatorial Projects


Habitat is an inter-weaving space, which I have set up during my time as the Head of Communication at the Wyss Academy for Nature.

It is a physical space – a gallery and co-design room – but also a mental one where art meets different disciplines. Science meets with entrepreneurs and policy, and again with art in order to explore joint interests. For the Wyss Academy this worked, and continues to work as a “semi-permeable” membrane, that allows to absorb inspiration but also to

The space was co-created and eventually co-curated with Damian Christinger for the following chapters:

Chapter 1 – “Forest Tales and Emerald Fictions”,  exhibiting the work of Monica Ursina Jaeger

Chapter 2 – “Awe and Wonderment”, exhibiting the work of Elodie Pong, Badel/Sarbach, Donna Conlon, Melanie Guggelmann, Andreas Züst

Chapter 3 – “Ancestral Futures” exhibiting the work of Jonathas de Andrade and Veronika Spierenburg (with Nuno Barroso)

Article on the first chapter (in German): https://www.bernerzeitung.ch/wenn-natur-und-zivilisation-eins-sind-141647590134

Article in the Annual Report/Wyss Academy for Nature: On the culture of Transformation (in english)

Photos by Damian Christinger, featured image: video installation by Monica Ursina Jaeger, right: installation by Elodie Pong