Integrating art with sustainability and social change throughout my career, I was trained at New York Film Academy (1998) and London Film School (2001) and earned a Masters in Social Anthropology (2006) from University of Zurich and UNAM, Mexico. After my studies, I spent ten years working on media and visual installations at the intersection of art and science. Extensive assignments took me to Latin America, East Africa and Asia. Results were showcased and exposed at museums, international conferences and public events.

Through a growing interest in peace process, I did a PhD at the Graduate Institute of International Relations and Development (2014) exploring the notion of social innovation in conflict through how mothers explain conflict to their children. Part of this project became a video installation called “Lullaby of Tomorrow” and a sound experiment on expressing hope through singing (“Hope Activism”). I also teach classes and undertook project on citizen science and collaborative filmmaking with different actors and managing teams in over 20 countries.

Named a fellow at the Research Center for Leadership in Action at New York University in 2012, provided an opportunity to explore the relationship between leadership, social change and creativity in theoretical and artistic terms. What came out was a deep interest in reframing negative, helpless narratives into positive ones. I thus founded StoryTex: a design and do-tank, that seeks to interweave and create bridges between science, art and entrepreneurship for sustainability.

Born in Switzerland, I spent extended periods of time living in Greece, Mexico, New York and Brazil.


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