Life in Balance with Nature

textile artist - scientist - filmmaker

My work is dedicated to strengthening our connection to nature and ourselves.

My projects evolve around society’s relationship with nature, social innovation and peace building. My work seeks to create spaces that inspire inner and outer TRANSFORMATION through DREAMING and DOING.

This is why I seek to establish partnerships between those working around awe and wonderment (art/science) and those in the field of manifesting change (NGO’s, private sector, public sector).

I have been leading the Design-and-Do Thank StoryTex (formerly Paititi Lab) and founded The Library for a Happy Future while developing my artistic reflections about what I learn on the way. This site is about my art and playgrounds for transformation.


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Omphalos of Many

“Omphalos” means navel in Greek. The navel is considered to be a symbol of birth and life; The anchor, our center point. But what does that mean exactly?

“Omphalos of Many” would like to suggest that our common anchor may not be set in a specific point but lies in a way of being. It is created through connection and dialogue. The focus of a centre emerges from deep listening and from freeing ourselves from what we have learned. The textile piece is an offering to earth. It was purposely laid on the ground so that it will eventually be overgrown by plants and taken over by animals. Textile Sculpture  – Art Ichol, India – 2024




Tree of Life. A tribute to seeds.

„Three of Life“ was conceived as part of an exploration on how Universities can offer food to thousands of students in a sustainable and healthy way. The question of how a good education is based on good food drew a close connection between nourishing and nurturing. Education seeds the future. And this very future takes its energy from actual seeds and the care given to them.



Brilliant Failures in International Partnerships

Precious stones form under the right conditions. They require heat and great pressure. But in order to shine; They also need to be recognized and cared for. Failures present a similar treasure. From an early stage in our lives, we learn, that success is great. And Failure..hmm..well. Failure is not so good. While in fact. Isn’t this how we evolved in the first place? – FILM / RESEARCH PROJET




Force Field

Contemplative rooting at the Wellbeing Summit in Bilbão, June 2022 – STORY WEAVING / INSTALLATION

in development, 2023/24

The Iceberg in the Room

The Iceberg in the Room

The project “The Iceberg in the Room” is multimedia projection. It tells the story of Swiss Camp, a research station located at 69 degrees north on the Greenland ice sheet.
The crochet structure serves as a canvas or as a screen, which is made together with students and re-opened at the end of project. Collaboration with Simon Steffen – STORY WEAVING / INSTALLATION



A Shared Land (Tierra Compartida)

Bufferzones are places bordering protected areas. In Peru, like in many other places, there is not clear legislation about what type of conduct and economic activities may happen there. Yet, they are essential to buffer between human-dominated areas and the wild. Communities living around Tambopata Reserve has thus found a very particular approach to “plan” their buffer zones. Collaboration with the Wyss Academy for Nature and Acca-Peru – FILM / RESEARCH PROJET
Watch it here